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The Fern

Inspire, Discover, and Embrace the Vibrant Latinx Heritage!

Inspire, Discover, and Embrace the Vibrant Latinx Heritage!

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Ready for a summer adventure your child will never forget? Join us on an exhilarating journey through Latinx heritage in our unique summer program crafted for children aged 5-10. Let your little ones dance to the diverse rhythms of our world and empower them to shine! 

*Parents must be present with the child

Step into the exciting world of Mexican culture! Together, we'll craft warm, homemade tortillas, sip on refreshing aguas frescas, move to the beat of electrifying dances, and create stunning art pieces that reflect the vibrant aesthetics of Mexico. 

But our program offers much more than just a series of fun activities - it's a transformative journey crafted to inspire children of color to explore their roots, express their unique voices, and embrace their authentic selves. We create a nurturing and supportive environment that instills self-confidence, fosters pride in individuality, and encourages every child to gleam brightly in their own beautiful way. 

And we haven't forgotten about you, parents! Benefit from the guidance of a certified parenting coach, who will provide you with essential tools and techniques to successfully navigate the exciting, yet challenging journey of raising the new generation.

This summer, let's make memories that last a lifetime! Embark on our colorful journey and inspire your child to embrace their unique heritage. Celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of our world with us! 

Sign up now and let's create a summer that's as vibrant as our children's futures!

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