Event Types

What Type of Events Can Be Hosted at The Fern?

At The Fern, we have hosted a variety of events including kids' birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, ceremonies, holiday parties, and community events.

Is the Venue Suitable for a Wedding Reception?

Yes, our space includes valet service, adding convenience and elegance to your guests' experience.

Can We Organize a Corporate Workshop Here?

Absolutely. Our space offers comfortable seating and lounging areas, making it perfect for hosting workshops and mixers.

Is the Space Good for Hosting a Charity Event?

Certainly. Our space is open to hosting both charity and community events.

Can We Have Live Music at Our Event?

Yes, live music is permitted until 11 PM, extending to 12 AM on Saturdays.


How Many People Can Fit in for a Sit-Down Dinner?

The space includes 6 tables and 63 chairs for seating.

What's the Capacity for a Cocktail-Style Event?

We can accommodate 80-100 guests for open mixers and networking events.

Can the Venue Hold a Large Conference or Seminar?

Yes, our space offers three distinct areas, perfect for hosting conferences.

How Many Guests Do You Recommend for a Comfortable Event?

Our space is ideal for accommodating 50-90 guests with seamless space transitions.

Is the Space Suitable for Intimate Gatherings?

Yes, the space is perfect for intimate gatherings. Its open design allows guests to easily see each other, while also creating a home-like feel.


Can We Rearrange the Layout for Our Event?

Certainly. The space can be rearranged to your preference, but must be returned to its original layout before your booked time ends.

Can We Move Around Furniture, Tables, and Backdrops?

Yes, furniture, tables, and backdrops can be moved, but they must be returned to their original places before your booked time concludes.

Are We Able to Bring Our Own Decorations?

Yes, you may bring outside decor, keeping in mind our house rules.

Do You Offer Themed Decor Options?

We have professional vendors we work with and offer additional options for your convenience.

Can Lighting Be Customized for Our Event Theme?

Yes, our uplights can be customized to a range of colors, enhancing the aesthetic of your event.

Planning Services

Can You Help Plan the Entire Event?

Our professional planner is available for use at an additional cost.

Is Day-Of Coordination Available?

Yes, day-of coordination is available for an additional fee.

Can We Work with External Event Planners Here?

Absolutely. You may book your own vendors, including event planners.

Do You Have a List of Preferred Vendors?

We are currently developing a list and can provide referrals upon booking and upon request.

Can the Venue's Planners Help with Catering Choices?

Yes, our experts can assist with questions and recommendations once you book a planner.


What Audio Equipment is Available?

1 DJ Speaker (QSC K12) and a microphone are available.

Is There a Stage for Performances or Speeches?

Yes, a 5 x 6 FT stage is available upon request.

Do You Offer Catering and Bar Services?

No, clients must book their own food vendors.

Are There Dressing Rooms Available for Guests or Performers?

A dressing room is available upon request at an additional cost.

Do You Offer Color Uplighting for Events?

Yes, uplighting is included with the venue.

Kitchen Facilities

Can the Kitchen Handle a Large Banquet?

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Are There Any Cuisine Restrictions in the Kitchen?

All food vendors must follow in-house rules. Any damages are charged to the client. Food vendors must bring an oil spill mat if cooking at the venue.

Does the Venue Provide Kitchen Staff?

The premises do not include a kitchen staff.

Is There Refrigeration Space Available for Caterers?

A fridge is available for renters, suitable for food or dessert storage.

Can We Use the Kitchen for a Cooking Demonstration?

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Outside Caterers

Do We Need to Use Your Approved Caterers?

Outside vendors are allowed as long as they follow in-house rules and regulations.

Is There an Extra Charge for Outside Catering?

No, but catering companies must be aware of and agree to the house rules.

What Kitchen Facilities Can Outside Caterers Use?

Caterers can use sink, water outlets, and amenities as permitted by the client. The client is responsible for any damages caused by vendors or guests.

Are There Any Requirements for Outside Caterers?

Caterers need to sign a document stating they are aware of the house rules.

Can We Have a Food Truck Cater Our Event?

Yes, food trucks with a street vendor license are allowed to park outside.

Decoration Guidelines

Can We Hang Decorations from the Ceiling?

Yes, as long as no suction, nails, or tape are used. All items must be removed by the end of the event.

Are Candles or Open Flames Allowed?

Candles and open flames are permitted as long as the flames are below glass. Any heat or wax damage to tables will be charged accordingly.

What’s the Policy on Confetti or Glitter?

No confetti or glitter is allowed. Non-compliance will result in a service fee for removal.

Can We Use Our Own Signage and Banners?

Yes, provided no nails, tape, or screws are required for installation and the space is not damaged.

Can We Have Glitter at Our Event?

No, a service fee of $50 will be charged if this house rule is broken.


Do You Provide Microphones and Speakers?

Yes, microphones and speakers are included. Assistance with these can be provided upon request.

Can We Hire Our Own AV Tech Support?

Yes, AV tech support can be hired by the client.

Are There Extra Charges for Using Your AV Equipment?

No additional charges apply, but any damages will be billed accordingly.

Is There a Projector Available for Use?

No projector is included, but a 60” movable TV is available.

Can We Play Our Own Music Through Your Sound System?

Yes, a Bluetooth speaker is included and can be connected to your personal device.


How Many Vehicles Can Park at the Venue?

The venue accommodates up to 40 cars in our private parking lot.

Is Valet Parking Available, and at What Cost?

Valet service is included in the packages.

What Are the Nearby Public Transport Options?

Uber and Lyft are recommended.

Is There Handicapped Parking Available?

Handicap access and parking are available for clients and event guests.


How Soon Should We Book for a Summer Event?

Open bookings are available; dates are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are Certain Months Unavailable for Booking?

Please view our calendar for available bookings.

Can We Extend Our Event Past Midnight?

Yes, additional hours are available for Friday and Saturday events.

Is the Venue Available for Weekday Events?

Weekday events are not available as the space is used for yoga and community workshops.

Are There Discounts for Off-Peak Season Bookings?

Rates remain the same throughout the year; different rates apply for different days, such as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Outdoor Space

Is the Outdoor Area Suitable for a Ceremony?

Yes, outdoor ceremonies can be arranged depending on the guest count.

Can the Outdoor Space Be Heated in Winter?

Yes, outdoor heaters can be added at an additional cost.

What’s the Backup Plan for Bad Weather?

Clients are responsible for bad weather accommodations. Event cancellations are not refundable.

Are Outdoor Music or Entertainment Allowed?

Yes, as long as they are aware of and sign the house rules vendor document.

Can We Smoke on the Property, or Is There a Designated Smoking Area?

No smoking is allowed inside the indoor space. Smoking outside the venue is permitted.

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